Ken Selzer, CPA

What Matters Most to Kansans


Transforming the Way Kansas Does Business

Lean In On Costs

  • Kansas can become far more efficient in its use of tax dollars by demanding accountability throughout government, enhancing productivity, and by making our state government more cost effective.
  • We will set goals, clarify expected outcomes, and hold leaders accountable if those outcomes are not met.
  • Jobs and Economic Growth
  • Jobs will be a top priority in Kansas.  We will focus on high quality jobs that will grow our economy. 
  • Kansas had one of the worst records in the nation for economic growth in 2017.  That will not be tolerated under our administration.
  • We need to champion and strengthen our agriculture, manufacturing, aviation, and service industries.
  • Agriculture leads the Kansas economy.  Kansas will not grow unless agriculture grows.  We need a governor who is a Champion for agriculture and a Champion for Kansas. 
  • Water issues are critical in Kansas.  We have surrounded ourselves with people who know these issues and have had to deal with them in their businesses.
  • The severe out-migration of workers and college graduates will be addressed.  It is contributing to our lack of economic growth.  There are readily implementable steps to address this issue. 
  • Without growth in our economy, we will be unable to make needed investment in infrastructure, education, corrections, healthcare and other areas.

Rock-Solid on Pro-Life

  • Ken Selzer has always been pro-life.  He looks forward to President Trump nominating a Supreme Court Justice who will vote to protect the lives of the unborn.   

Champion of the 2nd Amendment

  • The second amendment to the U.S. Constitution is clear—the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.  
  • Ken Selzer is rock-solid on the second amendment as well. 

Transparency in Government

  • Effective leaders lead by example.  You will never have a transparent state government if the elected leaders are not themselves transparent.  Ken Selzer has released his tax returns to demonstrate his willingness to lead by example on this issue.  
  • The workings of government should be open to the people of the state.  Kansas has made it difficult for its citizens to know how their legislators are voting and what their government is doing.  This will change.

Rein in Overreaching Government

  • Regulatory agencies will be required to be timely in their evaluation of compliance issues. 
  • We will review all regulations to make sure there is a benefit to consumers at a reasonable cost to the economy.
  • Undivided, Full-time Focus on Serving Citizens of Kansas. 
  • Kansas deserves the attention of a full-time governor.  The governor must focus on championing this state.  A part-time governor is not acceptable.

Thoughtful, Calm Decision Maker

  • Ken Selzer has always been a thoughtful, calm decision maker who achieves results.  For example, he reduced costs and sharply improved productivity in the Kansas Insurance Department.

Businessperson and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

  • Ken Selzer has shown that basic business principles can readily be applied to government.  The Department of Insurance now runs more efficiently at a lower cost and with fewer people. It delivers higher quality and more responsive service to its constituents.  Under Ken’s leadership, the Department received recognition as one of the very best insurance departments in the country.  
  • He brings business knowledge and experience to state government.  This includes a focus on customer service and efficient operations.  We will also review every position that becomes available to make certain that it is necessary and adds value.


  • Ken and Deb have always been very supportive of education.  They have underwritten scholarships to students and awards for innovative teaching.  Ken is a first generation college graduate and understands the value that excellent pre-school, K – 12, and post high school education can have on individuals.
  • For more than 23 years Kansas has been in litigation initiated by a handful of school districts over the proper way to fund schools.  The time and expense of this litigation could have been better spent on educating our youth.
  • Kansas needs to set objectives for its public schools.  It needs to hold its administrators accountable for results.  Ken Selzer would support a Kansas constitutional amendment that would limit the Supreme Court’s input into this process by better defining the term “suitable” in the Kansas Constitution.
  • Education spending should be the responsibility of the elected representatives in our Kansas House and Senate rather than of unelected judges.
  • We will reduce the outflow of our educated youth from Kansas by better aligning education with the needs of local communities and our state.  High schools, technical colleges, and universities need to continually evaluate the needs of their communities and local businesses and provide appropriate credentials and skills.


  • Ken Selzer will always support stronger border security and will support fully screened legal immigration.
  • We will support President Trump’s initiatives to end the immigration lottery system, to restrict chain migration, and his other efforts to improve our national security.
  • We will support longer duration employer sponsored agriculture visas, which are desperately needed by the Kansas agriculture community. 

Property Tax Rates Must Not Increase

  • A state property tax rate increase will not be tolerated.
  • Rising property valuations act as a stealth tax increase.  Tax rates should be reduced as valuations rise to avoid such increases.