Ken Selzer, CPA

What Matters Most to Kansans

Experienced Businessman who can create more efficient government.

I am a CPA and a businessman, who has proven that you can achieve success in managing an important part of state government using the basic principles that every successful business uses by focusing on customer service and being ever more efficient in its operations!

I was elected 3 years ago to serve as your Kansas Insurance Commissioner. Since then we have calmly and thoughtfully managed our way to more than a 15% reduction in the number of employees and more than a 15% reduction in costs. And all the while we ramped up our focus on the customer, the citizens of Kansas!

Our staff did such a great job of focusing on the customer and in being more and more responsive that an independent outside organization ranked the Kansas Insurance Department the 2nd highest in the nation! We ranked exceptionally high in customer responsiveness, in transparency, our web site, and other important factors.

In short, I've been in state government long enough to prove we can make it work better, but not long enough to accept more politics as usual.