WIBW News: Selzer believes he can unite urban and rural Kansas, ‘make Kansas grow’

Kansas Insurance Commissioner Ken Selzer believes he has the right experience to speak to both the rural and urban parts of Kansas.

“I grew up in the rural part of central Kansas with deep, deep rural roots,” said Selzer. “I still have a large family in the central part of Kansas just north of Wichita. I went to K-State, got an accounting degree and became a CPA and moved to the Kansas City metro area. I met a farm girl there, Deb, and we own a farm down by the Cider Mill on Highway 68 just west of Louisburg.”

Selzer also is looking to reduce the size of government through attrition, as he has done in the Insurance Department.

“We can be innovative in how we manage the State of Kansas,” said Selzer. “We’ve been talking about how we’re going to lean in on costs, always leaning in on costs, thinking 24/7 about how we can be more productive, how we can better serve the people of Kansas with fewer people at a lower cost, just like we did in the Insurance Department. We’ve done that for the last 3 and a half years. We’ve reduced the number of employees. We’ve sharply reduced the cost. We’ve increased our productivity, and you know what, we are more focused on the people of Kansas, on our customers, on who we serve.”

Selzer believes the state must have new leadership to be able to meet its obligations.

“Kansas had the fourth worst economy in the United States, the very worst here in the Midwest in 2017,” said Selzer. “That has to change. We will never be able to make investments in infrastructure, make investments in education and the other investments we need with a stagnant, flat economy. We need to make Kansas grow and grow relative to the other states. We can be at the national average.”

Selzer believes that in order to make Kansas grow, ag has to lead the way and investments that are coming like NBAF at Kansas State can help create a corridor that will draw additional investment in the state.

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