WIBW News: Selzer still getting out message

Ken Selzer still feels his campaign has more to say as the run for governor in the Republican primary is in its final hours.

“Kansans across the state are rallying behind our message of thoughtful leadership, making Kansas grow and reducing costs 24/7, being more productive in our state tax dollars that we’re spending,” said Selzer. “Kansans appreciate that message. They want somebody to watch out for their tax dollars and make sure they’re getting value out of their tax dollars. They want somebody who will focus on making Kansas grow so we can invest in infrastructure and education, corrections and so many other things where Kansas is lacking right now.”

Selzer believes its important to have a governor with total focus on that job while serving.

“We need a governor who is thinking about it all the time and working on it all the time,” said Selzer. “We haven’t had that. That’s evidenced by the slow growth that we’ve had compared to other states. We’re the worst in the region. We’re the worst in the ag economy in the Midwest. We need a governor who is thinking about it all the time, thinking about the long-term benefit for the state.”

Selzer notes that Jeff Colyer still works part-time as a surgeon and Kris Kobach has done legal work throughout his tenure as Secretary of State. Selzer says he will work collaboratively with the legislature.

“They are the representatives of the people of Kansas,” said Selzer. “The governor needs to reach out to them and embrace them and embrace ideas, so that we can move Kansas forward. That has been done in the past. That’s been done under previous administrations, prior to Colyer and Brownback. We will bring that back to Kansas.”

Selzer is the current Kansas Insurance Commissioner. That is his first job in government and he’s served in it just three and a half years.

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